About Us

Total Athletic Comfort (TAC) is a company started by athletes and sports enthusiasts to create fitness wear without breaking the bank. The main aim of TAC is to allow athletes to train in comfort with the knowledge that they are using a quality product that will not let them down during the game. We created a product to help reduce sports-related injuries and improve your game. It is an established principle that comfortable athletic gear will help improve performance and even increase gains after training sessions. TACs primary product to help athletes achieve their desired results is the compression gear.

Apart from sports apparel that improves the quality of each session, TAC has also brought together athletes across the spectrum who wish to exercise, keep fit and break established PRs. Whether you are a professional athlete, novice, military, public-safety or enthusiasts like us you will find our product can handle anything you throw at it. While our major aim is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle, We also want to promote the fellowship found through sweat, take our compression sock out for a spin and we believe you will find it suits your level of intensity.